At Hampson Honey we believe you can’t improve on what nature gives you. We keep our hives on beautiful national forestry sites so we can protect our bees from pesticides and herbicides. We treat our bees with the love and respect they deserve and by looking after our bees, they look after us in return. The result:
The most delicious, pure, 100% Australian honey you will ever taste.


It doesn’t get much fresher than this! Honey straight from the beehive, still in its comb. Gorgeous honeycomb is the pinnacle of luxury. We also supply honeycomb frames to restaurants, which makes a beautiful addition to any breakfast buffet.


Purify your air at home with beeswax candles, cut down on your plastic usage with beeswax food wraps, keep your wooden furniture looking new with beeswax furniture polish or make your own non-toxic cosmetics like lip balms, lotions, sunscreens and creams. The possibilities are endless!

Nature has provided us with this perfect, versatile product with many amazing uses.