Who we are

Hampson Honey is a family owned and operated honey producer and packer which have delivered premium, pure, Australian honey since 2009. What makes us unique is that we produce and pack at our HACCP certified facility so we can ensure a high quality product from start to finish.

We were concerned about the massive drop in the bee population caused by the devastating effects of mono cropping, deforestation and increased agricultural chemical use and decided to keep some beehives to do our bit for the environment. What started as a hobby has turned into our passion. Our goal was to create something that would make a difference in the world and at the same time create something we could pass down to our 3 boys one day.

Hampson Honey family owned and operated honey producer

You can’t improve on what nature gives you

Hampson Honey has carefully selected suitable forestry sites to keep our beehives to ensure the best mix of subtropical flowers go into our honey, eliminating risk of exposure to pesticides and herbicides. Free from any additives and artificial ingredients, our honey is good for you although we must warn you, it can be somewhat addictive! You will definitely taste
the difference, but don’t take our word for it – try it for yourself.

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Hampson Honey - Honey producer removes exposure to pesticides and herbicides

100% Australian

When we say 100% Australian, we mean it! Everything including our honey, jars, cartons and labels are made in Australia, so by supporting us, you are supporting many other Australian businesses.

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Hampson Honey - Honey Producer that is 100% Australian Made